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How To Start A Conversation

by Mike Hunter

Start A Conversation… Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, if you want God to work through you to build His Kingdom, you must be willing to initiate spiritual conversations.  We often invest a great deal of time studying what evangelism looked like in the first century.  We analyze Jesus’ methods, such as His […]

DIY Evangelism?

by Mike Hunter

DIY is all the rage!  If you’re contemplating building a tiny house, adding an addition to your summer cabin, or flipping a two-hundred-year-old Victorian home, “DIY!”- is the sage advice you receive from your neighbors and colleagues!  Granted, you think a “stud-finder” is an internet dating site, and you’ve never hung a picture on a […]

How To Pick A Church

by Mike Hunter

The Bible says that there is only ONE church (Eph. 4:4), so why the plethora of options to choose from?  Are churches really that different? Are there good churches and bad churches?  Is there a right church or a wrong church?  How can I be sure I’m making the correct choice? Perhaps, you’re currently “shopping” […]