It used to be that Sundays were set aside for church, rest and families. But, for most people, Sundays have become just another busy day of the week with no time left for church or quality time with family. Just as God rested on the seventh day after creation, He wired us to also need rest, relational connection and spiritual renewal once a week. Living Sundays the way God meant for them to be will lead to benefits that cascade into just about every area of life. Through this 5-week series, we will discover how our relationships, work, finances, and health can all be transformed by the decision to make Sunday the best day of their week!

  • Week 1: Sundays Can Surprise You
  • Week 2: Good Sundays Make Better Mondays
  • Week 3: Better Sundays Make Better Families
  • Week 4: Sundays Can Change Your Eternity
  • Week 5: How Sundays Changed the World