DIY is all the rage!  If you’re contemplating building a tiny house, adding an addition to your summer cabin, or flipping a two-hundred-year-old Victorian home, “DIY!”- is the sage advice you receive from your neighbors and colleagues!  Granted, you think a “stud-finder” is an internet dating site, and you’ve never hung a picture on a wall, much less removed a wall to create an “open-concept.”  But, that’s OK!  You can YouTube-it, binge watch HGTV, Google-it, or go to a DIY Workshop at Home Depot… but for Pete’s sake, whatever you do, DO NOT CALL A PROFESSIONAL!

It’s amazing how we insist on doing things in life that we have no business doing.  And we call on a pro for the things that we alone, are highly-qualified and equipped to achieve.  Therein lies the challenge of the dreaded E-word.  Evangelism!

You can request your pastor, small group leader, or elder to come share the truth of the Bible with your friends, family and neighbors.  Honestly, those people can do an adequate job of sharing Jesus on your behalf.

Or, you can embrace the exceptional story of your own life.  The power and movement of the Holy Spirit in your unique circumstances.  The miraculous transformation that you have personally experienced since encountering Jesus. You can trust in the truth and authority of prayer and the Bible, as they infuse the hand-picked relationships that God has been cultivating in your life, all with great anticipation of using you, to DIY!

One of Jesus’ closest followers said, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). 

Decide today, to learn how to be a “DIY- Evangelist!”